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Bedding & Sawdust

We offer a wide selection of bedding and Sawdust including Blue Frog shavings, Platts Sawdust, Hay and Straw. We are the agents for many different types of bedding products.

Blue Frog Shavings


Bluefrog is a heat sterilised, totally dust free, virgin wood shaving. Using only pine from sustainable untreated sources. Not only are these dust free shavings beneficial for the horse, they are also good for the owner due to a more dust free environment.


The Bluefrog shavings can be collected at our yard or delivery can be organsied.



From time to time we run offers such as starter stable packs. Keep an eye on our website for these offers.



Platts Fibrebed

FibreBed is Platts’ highly absorbent, fibrous sawdust bedding, developed in-house using our own screening and blending facilities to give your cows and incredible level of dry, deep-bedded comfort.


Comfortable Coverage


Due to its soft consistency, FibreBed is the ideal bedding remedy for cows suffering from hock sores. Its tiny free-flowing particles are non-abrasive and very easy to distribute across cubicles, providing great coverage for either earth or concrete cubicle types — especially on cow mats or mattresses.


High Absorbency


FibreBed’s high degree of absorbency helps to keep your cows dry, clean and hygienic in their cubicles. The cleaner and drier the cow, the more comfortable and happier they are — and it’s well known that happier, healthier cows produce higher quality milk.


Storage Freedom fibrebed


As is standard across Platt’s product range, each pallet of FibreBed is protected with a weatherproof hood, and each bale is wrapped in compresses polythene material. This means you can store your sawdust bedding outside for as long as needed, freeing up space that is often at a premium on busy farms.



We can supply any of Platt's bedding products, so if you are interested in additional products pelase contact us to discuss.

Hay and straw

Throughout the year we bring in loads of hay and straw. Bales can vary in size.

Currently we stock 8 x 4 x 3ft bales of hay recommended for cattle / goats etc. We also have 8 x 4 x 2ft bales of hay recommeneded for horses.


Farm Supplies


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